All Anja's acts can be performed to live music as well as recorded tracks. They also have a family-friendly (non-striptease) version.



Ph. Stephan Cornelis

Ph. Stephan Cornelis

Ph. John-Paul Bichard

Ph. John-Paul Bichard

Ph. Radmila Rocky Zombie

Ph. Radmila Rocky Zombie

Gypsy Moon (LED Moon)

Inspired by the early XX century fashion and theatre, this act tells a story or a young woman's love affair with the Moon. Slow and sensuous strip reveals layers of the gorgeous hand-beaded costume, reminiscent of Mata Hari's unique exotic style. The appearance of the huge glowing LED Moon disc in the end has brought multiple audiences all over Europe to a standing ovation.

See Video.

Duration -  6,5 minutes.

Style - 1920s, slow, magical.

Colors - purple, gold.

Requires a bigger stage. Can be performed with a balloon 90 or 160 cm in diameter.

Goldene Zwanziger (Golden Twenties)

This opulent classic burlesque number is bringing back memories of the Golden Twenties with their playful spirit, extreme elegance  and drama. A fast and energetic jazzy dance and strip, ending with an elegant fan dance with sparkling red pheasant fans.

See video (external link)

Duration - 6 minutes

Style - 1920s, energetic, classic, romantic

Colors - Red, gold, orange.

Works for both small and big stages.


Feather Fans

Elegance and grace personified. This number is an homage to the classic burlesque fan dance pioneered by the exquisite Sally Rand in the 1930s. Can be performed with small fans (60 cm across, suitable for smaller spaces) or with gorgeous "waterfall" ostrich fans (120 cm across, perfect for bigger stages). 

See video (external link)

Duration - 6 minutes

Style - 1920s, classic burlesque, poetic

Colors - silver/white

Can be performed fully clothed, in a beautiful evening gown and thus suitable for family events.

Ph. Verena Gremmer

Ph. Verena Gremmer


This act has seen the stages from Moscow to San Francisco, from Stockholm to Verona and always brought smiles on people's faces! 

Fast and energetic Charleston dance and a funny playful strip, it makes the perfect opening or closing number for any show. Can be performed with or without the striptease.

See video.

Duration - 5 minutes

Style - 1920s, energetic, funny, playful.

Colors - Silver, lavender

Works best for smaller stages. Can be performed with the LED Moon or white ostrich fans.

Ph. Olga Rudenko

Ph. Olga Rudenko

Ph. Natalia Randle

Ph. Natalia Randle

Ph. Anna Gavrilov

Ph. Anna Gavrilov


The Witch

A gorgeous black-on-black costume with a waist tightly laced to 47cm, an elegant plumage reminiscent of French showgirls of Moulin Rouge and Follies Bergere. A cheeky and sensuous strip with exciting reveals. Glitter, glamour and flirt! 

Duration - 5 minutes

Style - Victorian, dark, sultry

Colors - Black and green

Works best for smaller stages, however, can be performed with the LED Moon or black ostrich fans.


XXI Century Flapper

Jazz is the king! This wild and sexy number is a true show-stopper. Performed to an overwhelmingly authentic jazz tune, a Charleston dance and cheeky strip brings back the parties of the Roaring Twenties that would make Jay Gatsby proud! 

See a video teaser. (Full video available upon request)

Duration - 5-7 minutes

Style - 1920s, high-energy, playful

Colors - black, white, red

Can be performed on a smaller or bigger stage, with the LED balloon or fans (black ostrich or red pheasant).


Shooting Star

Burlesque glamour at its finest! Bringing back the magic of the classic Hollywood, Ziegfeld Follies and french cabarets. 

See video.

Style - 1940s, classic Hollywood glamour, romantic

Can be performed with the LED Moon or with big ostrich fans.

Colors - black and sparkly. Black velvet dripping with thousands of Swarovski crystals.





Spring Awakening

A slow "exotic jazz" dance, going from romantic to sultry, from many layers of sparkling silk and flowers to just hand-painted silk fans and not much else.

See video.

Length - 5,5 minutes

Style - classic, Alphonse Mucha, belle epoque, art nouveau, romantic

Colors - pink, purple, fresh green. Flowers, flowing silk and sparkle.


1920s Charleston Workshops for your party.

Anja can also teach your guests to dance authentic 1920s Charleston in a short, energetic and entertaining interactive workshop (approx 20 minutes long). Suitable for groups of 10-200 people of ages 5-99, with no previous dance experience required. Let's get the party started!